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Title Loans in Weatherford, Texas

Paying for unforeseen medical expenses or any other emergencies with a cash advance on your credit card may seem like a good idea at the time. However, you’ll likely regret it when you realize that you’ll be paying a special cash advance interest rate, which is above and beyond your regular credit card rate. Many credit card companies also attach special fees just to get a cash advance. You might come out better by checking into title loans in Weatherford, TX. Because car title loans are secured loans, you could come away with a competitive interest rate, which might save you money in the long run compared to a cash advance. Car title loans pay out exceptionally fast. You’ll get your cash within one business day that can be used to cover an emergency or anything else you need. Channel Trail Lender will place a lien against a working vehicle you offer as collateral, but you can continue to drive your vehicle just as you do today. Loan applications can be completed at centrally located loan stores or any time online when it’s convenient. Car title loan cash may be the better alternative solution for emergencies today.

About Us

About Us

Learning About Beneficial Loan Opportunities
No Penalties for Poor Credit

Unlike so many other lenders that penalize you for a poor credit history or a low credit score, we do not. As a matter a fact, we never use credit scores or credit reports to decide whether you will be approved for a loan. As a borrower, you provide your car title as collateral for the loan, so checking credit is not part of our loan criteria.

No Worries About Driving Restrictions

Channel Trail Lender thinks it is important that you continue to use your vehicle whenever you want to while making loan payments. If you faithfully make your payments on time, you continue to use your vehicle.

Cash for Anything You Want

How you spend your loan funds is your personal business. You decide if you want to pay bills, improve your finances or splurge on a vacation. No one needs to know how the money will be used.

No Fees for Paying Off Loans Early

If you come into some extra money and want to pay off your loan early, we would be glad to help out. Just give us a date and we’ll calculate the final payment on your loan. Don’t worry, there are no fees or penalties for paying off title loans Weatherford early.

Affordable Repayment Plans

Besides verifying you have the money to make payments during your loan interview, we also discuss your income to help you to choose a good payment plan that works well for your monthly income. Just let us know if you want to take your time repaying the loan or if you prefer to pay it off fast. Once we know your preferences, we can find an ideal repayment plan for you.

How it Works

How the Loan Process Works From Start to Finish


Complete your free application to get the loan process started.
The faster you submit an application, the faster you’ll get your cash

Talk to a loan representative about your interest in Weatherford, TX title loans.
We will provide you with information about the loan process,
what you need to get a loan and make arrangements for you to sign a contract

We will meet up with you at a nearby loan store where
we will present you with your loan contract.
Now is the time to clarify anything that’s unclear
about the loan terms or your responsibilities


After we receive your paper car title, we can pay out your loan funds.


Take care of bills and emergencies today with quick cash from title loans Weatherford.

How to Apply


Are You Ready to Apply for a Loan Today?

Taking out a car title loan really makes good sense if you’ve been struggling with debt or dealing with unexpected bills. Fortunately, Texas has regulations in place that are often advantageous to title loan borrowers. You can actually get title loans Weatherford that allow you as long as six months to repay the loan, which makes it much easier for those living on a fixed income or low income.

The interest rate is capped at 10 percent, which saves a great deal of money for borrowers. There are no loan amount limits. However, we cannot grant a loan that is worth more than the current value of the vehicle offered as collateral. Overall, auto title loans offer some neat features that you just can’t get with other types of loans.

When & Where to Apply for a Vehicle Title Loan

If you know you have a financial commitment coming up or a bill is coming due in the near future, you’ll want to get your application in at least 24 hours before you need the money. Typically, our loans are processed and paid out in a day or less after receiving an application.

Channel Trail Lender can appreciate your time, so we try to make it as convenient as possible for folks to apply for loans. If you live near one of our local loan stores, you can always drop by when you have spare time to clarify loan terms and fill out an application. Meeting with one of our loan representatives is a great way to learn more about our company, so you’ll feel comfortable taking out a loan.

If time is short and you are ready to apply, you can always call us to complete a loan application. In addition, our online application is always available 24 hours a day.

Filling out an Application Form

Well, you’ll need all of five minutes to fill in the fields on an application form with the following information:

• A telephone number and your first and last name.

• The model, make and style of your automobile along with the year it was made and an estimate of the car’s mileage.